Happy Birthday to the Equal Access to Healthcare Program

The end of June marked an important milestone for the Equal Access to Healthcare Program (EAHP): the end of the program’s first full year!

Just to name a few of EAHP’s accomplishments this year, EAHP attorneys and advocates served over 250 clients, completed over a dozen outreach and provider training events for community partners, and of all closed cases, over 95% of our clients obtained, preserved, or increased healthcare access. For more information on EAHP’s accomplishments as well as our policy recommendations to help expand access to care, look for our upcoming annual report.

To celebrate EAHP’s first birthday, a few of the staff members on the team have reflected on their experiences with EAHP:

Chuan Teng, Supervising Attorney

Chuan Teng, Supervising Attorney

“The ACA has provided greater healthcare access for our clients, but healthcare navigation is still very confusing, if not more confusing than it was pre-ACA. Our clients require more information about how to access the right insurance to meet healthcare needs, reducing out-of-pocket costs, and ensuring that healthcare programs work together seamlessly. I’m thankful the S.F. HIV community has access to EAHP services, but I do wonder about the millions of others who do not and face complicated healthcare access challenges.”


Alana Hawkins, Staff Attorney

Alana Hawkins, Staff Attorney

“Being part of EAHP has provided me the opportunity to work alongside so many other caring community members, advocates, social workers, and providers  that are dedicated to helping those in need access health care services.  I am also reminded that the health access work is crucial to our clients’ continued wellbeing.  Specifically, while the Affordable Care Act has opened many doors, many clients rely on San Francisco’s network of individuals and organizations that provide guidance, information, and advocacy to access healthcare services.  I am proud to be a part of EAHP!  I am thankful and fully appreciate the work of fellow advocates, social workers, providers, and community members.  I look forward to this next year, and together we will continue to help even more clients access, retain, and enhance their health care benefits.”

Jenna Archer, Legal Assistant

Jenna Archer, Legal Assistant

“The ACA has made healthcare more affordable and accessible in the United States, but there are still many people who fall through the cracks. Working with the EAHP team, it’s clear that each staff member has so much compassion for the challenges their clients are facing and that they are determined to guide their clients through these challenges with perseverance and a problem-solving attitude. No one should have to go without needed medical care, and I’m proud to be part of a team that’s working towards this goal.”


Happy Birthday EAHP! We are proud of all EAHP has accomplished in our first year, and are already working towards making next year even better.


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